Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mystic Link Trail: Medford MA. Medford Square to Lower Mystic Lake.

The Mystic River Watershed curls neatly through the long flow of my memory since birth.

I almost see the ghost footsteps of those who went before me, and my own as a toddler.

There is considerable interest in completing what would be a very useful 'spoke trail' called the Mystic Link to meet the Bay Circuit along the Shawsheen in Andover.

The section between downtown Medford and Lower Mystic Lake already has a complete parkway infrastructure well suited for bicycles and pedestrians.

And it connects to the growing array of greenways increasingly threading the Metro Boston area in a never ending run of catch up to the breathtaking growth of bicycle use to counter the suffocating imposition of motor vehicles in an ineptly modified medieval city shaped like a messy bent wheel.

The Mystic Link Trail follows the water fairly closely and it is a serene river increasingly favored by heron.

It is joined by Alewife Brook at a boundary with Arlington followed by Dugger Park.

Before long the outlet side of Lower Mystic Lake comes into view.