Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bay Circuit Trail: Terra Incognita Part 2. The Bridgewaters.

Satucket River East Bridgewater MA

The Bay Circuit Trail winds through interesting parts of West and East Bridgewater as it heads to the southern coast edge short with a dip into the main namesake of Bridgewater. The many tendrils of the Taunton River Watershed wind through the drainage making it an appropriate area for a riparian trail routing.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bay Circuit Trail: Terra Incognita Part 1. Easton MA.

Hockomock Swamp.

The southern stretch of the Bay Circuit Trail between Sharon and the coast may well be the most mysterious and an acquaintance who is far more familiar with the trail system than I describes it as "terra incognita"

I'll use the directional flow indicated by the Bay Circuit Alliance and begin with Easton. Sharon has an array of quality on line resources to alert the interested to its participation.   

Borderland State Park is an outstanding place to start. A walk along the Bay Circuit Trail from its northern entry point to its exit point in Easton is a striking encounter with transition.

Borderland State Park Easton Section.

In addition to crossing such legal jurisdictional boundaries as town and county lines, you are also walking a geology cross section. You begin at the near back side of a moraine edge with all the stark and evocative remains of fast glacial melt, exposed ledge, substantial and long boulder trains and an overall landscape little changed since the glacier left beyond a wonderful adornment of mixed forest and wetland.