Monday, December 9, 2013

Bay Colony Rail Trail Needham MA.

The Bay Colony Railroad was a short line between Newton and Milford MA with a section shared by the Needham commuter rail line.

It was originally part of the NY/New Haven system and then ended up as a bit of Conrail.

The town of Needham is fairly enthused about rail trail conversion and has begun the process.

A survey was completed shortly before my excursion and a current focus is purchasing insurance against contamination. I encountered what looked like a few test digs to check for toxins.

The Commonwealth is essentially owned by the insurance industry which is ever avid to swoop in and confiscate a bit of money. 

And it has the appearance of Kabuki " ... Ooh the risk... ooh the liability "... until the hand wringing and legal wrangling settle on some authority with deep enough pockets to cover a long shot worst case. 

The Department of Transportation seems to be ready for that role, as it should be, since it owns the thing.

Let it be noted that Maine, happily unencumbered by such a fat rentier squat, converted an 85 mile long rail section in the Downeast Coast with minimal fuss.

This particular corridor will be a substantial asset as it passes along the southern edge of High Rock Town Forest and meets the Charles at the Trustee of Reservations Charles River Peninsula parcel.

It will end for now at the old bridge.

From there, the continuation awaits negotiation.