Saturday, November 30, 2013

Urban Aspects.Quincy MA The Neponset River at Squantum Point.

If the Charles River and its grand Esplanade might be thought of as Boston's front porch, then the Neponset River might be seen as its enchanting back yard.

Unlike the Mystic and Charles, with their impoundments located at the river mouths, the damming of the Neponset happens a bit further upstream so it has a fairly extensive section in sync with tidewater rhythms.

Work is underway to restore and enhance open space options on both sides of the river with particularly impressive and fascinating potential along the Quincy side at Squantum Point.

It is the location of a very early aerodrome and Amelia Earhart was a significant supporter. It was also the location of an early aviation tragedy when one of Earharts colleagues, Harriet Quimby, was lost in a freak accident at an early aviation show there.

The envisioned trail will follow along some of the airstrip sections through what is now a near impenetrable thicket. 

It meets an existing pathway along the outer edge of a huge industrial space. 

The way upriver is lined with vibrant marshes feeding egrets and a pleasing variety of smaller birds.