Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mystic Link Trail : Mystic Lakes.

The northward lacing of bikeways along the Mystic River watershed clings closely to the charming Mystic Lakes in the passage from Medford to Winchester before arriving at the mouth of the Aberjona River.

It is an older parkway system made by the now vanquished MDC.

It is also the point where the Middlesex Canal ran between the watershed and what is now a commuter rail line to Lowell using the right of way now given to the Mystic Valley Parkway.

Upper Mystic Lake is separated from Lower Mystic Lake by a dam with an active fish ladder.

The boundary between Winchester and Medford lies just north of the parking lot entrance road. 

Upper Mystic Lake has a fine old public beach and a small peninsula supporting a substantial stand of pine trees.

From there, the Aberjona River mouth is close and the way to Wedgemere beckons.