Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mass Central Rail Trail : Somerville and Cambridge.

The Massachusetts Central Rail Trail is easily the most elaborate one of the various spoke trail projects underway.

The Central Massachusetts Railroad was a line that aimed to compete as a way to Albany NY. It was discontinued in 1971.

A part of it already is proposed as a segment of the Bay Circuit in the Wayland and 
Sudbury area.

It has impressive sections in the Connecticut Valley and Central Massachusetts and linear park portions in Somerville, Cambridge and Belmont.

It has a mysterious status in Waltham and Weston is blocking trail conversion for now.

The completed metro Boston sections begin at Cedar Street in Somerville

I can remember walking by the trailhead many times in the 70s wondering what it was. 

I was too young and dumb to understand things like Right of Way law.

It gets particularly elaborate at Davis Square as trees I knew as saplings while walking to Rounder Records are now pretty substantial young adults.

And Cambridge readily rises to the occasion at what has now come to be Trolley Square.

Beyond Trolley Square, the run to Alewife Station is less ostentatious but no less useful.

And of course, the cool shark is at Russell Field park. 

And deer may wait at Alewife if you are early enough.