Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bay Circuit Trail : Southborough MA The Sudbury Reservoir.

The Sudbury Reservoir has an interesting situation. It was a system made in the 1870s to quench Bostons thirst and wash it after earlier attempts wouldn't scale.

And when that failed, it was necessary to drown several towns in the center of the state to make the Quabbin, but I digress.

Although its present status as a reserve water supply imposes restrictions against seemingly innocuous things like dog walking and bicycling, one near perfect option for it is cross country skiing.

And if you are merely interested in a walk and some nature observation you are covered.

It has its share of old infrastructure relics. There are mysterious concrete things along with old stone culverts.

And there are now mature row sections of cedar that are clipped by deer.

The trail exits in a residential neighborhood before heading toward Ashland.