Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bay Circuit Trail Medfield MA Noon Hill.

I spent a good part of autumn climbing the local Bay Circuit hills like a form of midget peak bagging. And, just as when I used to climb 3000 plus foot things up north, I'm indifferent to such practices  I haul my carcass up a mountain for a view.

That is what Noon Hill has. It is a good one. 

And the transition of the trail from the lowland shoals of the Charles to the striking heights of Noon Hill is a seamless thing punctuated by a parking lot. The platinum standard of trail quality that defines the Trustees of Reservations is everywhere evident.

The ascent is a reasonable thing coming in from the north. Noon Hill is a kind of Stoss and Lee formation shaped by a glacier.

And the pleasing strew of glacier traces flavors the landscape with boulder erratics, striated ledge slabs and kettle holes.

There is a fine upland forest blend to adorn the geology varying by slope location and soil moisture as ever.

At this time, the shift out of the Trustees property to the adjoining southward parcel is marked by blaze confusion in a common pattern of varying quality standards that will eventually sort out.

At the end of the trail run, it is another blessing to count from this remarkable living world ribbon threading through one of the most densely populated corners of the land.