Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bay Circuit Trail Medfield MA The Shattuck Reservation.

The Shattuck Reservation lies along the Charles River in Medfield and is part of a suite of outstanding parcels owned by the Trustees of Reservations to protect the upper river.

It's the lowland counterpart to Noon Hill and was the beneficiary of a brand new Bay Circuit Trail reroute this summer.

Naturally, this news had me out there scouting the route. The Trustees are a platinum standard for property quality. They are also one of two comparably venerable organizations, (the other being the Appalachian Mountain Club), that agreed to be the primary institutional supporters of the Bay Circuit Trail system.

It is a fine meandering ramble through a fun run of scattered erratics in some till tumble through a nascent Charles River basin.

It meets the Charles well at a point of shallows.

From there it heads toward Holt Pond before touching a parking lot along the way to the ascent of Noon Hill.