Friday, March 6, 2015

Bay Circuit Trail Ipswich Branch Part 2. The Pingree Woodlands.

Upon passing south from Appleton Grass Rides, the Ipswich Branch of the Bay Circuit Trail passes through a property of the Harvard Forestry School.

It meets the Pingree Woodland at a small pond equipped with a device called a beaver deceiver designed to discourage dam making.

From there it heads south toward Hamilton along an impressive run of eskers and a trail to the town center.

This junction also marks the point where the branch turns north again through an impressive equestrian course with an array of steeplechase elements that are like outdoor folk art.

From there it heads to Bradley Palmer State Park.

It is a lush wetland forest with rhododendron thickets and swarms of mosquitoes. Spring and Fall are its best seasons but all will reward a visit.

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