Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bay Circuit Trail: Terra Incognita Part 2. The Bridgewaters.

Satucket River East Bridgewater MA

The Bay Circuit Trail winds through interesting parts of West and East Bridgewater as it heads to the southern coast edge short with a dip into the main namesake of Bridgewater. The many tendrils of the Taunton River Watershed wind through the drainage making it an appropriate area for a riparian trail routing.

These rivulets begin with the Hockomock as it phases into West Bridgewater where the Town River is straddled by a string of pocket park pearls along what is called the Nunkatessett Greenway.

Of these, War Memorial Park is one of the more interesting parks in the Commonwealth, if not anywhere.

East Bridgewater offers the Satucket River Conservation Area as a significant contribution to the trail before meeting Hanson near the Smith Nawazelski Conservation Area.

That's a stark and fascinating boundary where one will encounter striking graffiti art at the base of a power pylon.