Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Urban Aspects; Cambridge MA Alewife Brook Reservation and Beyond.

Barring unforeseeable catastrophe, I'll probably be able to finish the Bay Circuit Trail content project by this time next year.

Users will then have a workable set of reference videos and related content at a fairly granular level.

2013 was the year where I began to work on the broader non motor infrastructure taking shape here in greater Boston.

I'm building up reference material for the many spoke trails, bikeways and rail to trail conversions underway.

I'm also exploring the impressive system of urban open space amenities whether as conventional parks or urban wilds.

I decided to make the Alewife Reservation my urban centerpiece and plan a monthly photo walk to see how it changes over a season as the various design elements take on their own forms.

The January visit followed new fallen snow by a few day to allow some tracks to appear including this deer run.