Sunday, October 10, 2010

Applesauce is Yankee Ambrosia.

This is the season of road trips to back waters for the years apple options to mark the season with applesauce.

Now here's what you do.. make yankee ambrosia..AKA applesauce.

There will be orchards out there with old apple varieties descended from some trees the colonials planted. They'll sell em in old wooden boxes that rock for vinyl lp storage. There will be cider too and it will harden if left in a back stairwell. Open by Halloween.

Take apples and cut in crude chunks in an old kettle with a small bit of water just covering the bottom to make steam.Keep the peels on, just get rid of the core.

Add local honey, maple syrup or a good sugar to taste.

Add cinnamon in stick form, mace and nutmeg for spices. Throw in some golden raisins as the steam plumps em back to grapiness.

Cook on low and cover until the whole pile reduces to the texture you like from somewhat chunky to semi fluid. Occasional stirs help. Smell fills the area. And it's improv cooking as you can vary all the things to suit. Each batch is it's own thing. It takes about half an hour max when the heat hits and the prep is family entertainment.